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nathan underneath

Artist Statement

That moment when climaxed emotion is pure and blinding… is the subject of my next painting.

The objective of my work is to capture a specific instance in time, when an invoked emotion is at its apex, and without recourse, strips a person of control: The chill before a first kiss, the endearment of holding your child, the humility of compassion, rage of betrayal, or accomplishment’s pride – that brief moment when reaction is pure.

My intent for each piece of work is to have two presentations: The distant view, bold, balanced, and deliberate to entice the viewer near, while up-close, the piece is seemingly random, messy, and chaotic. I begin with quick and aggressive large shapes to set foundational tones. Layers are added, each bringing more detail, and simultaneously, more implied chaos. I constantly run to and from the canvas, ensuring the concept’s integrity remains from any distance. I often combine elements that imply entropy, with elegant imagery of nature, leaving my work most often noted for maintaining a balance of beauty within darker, more edgy concepts.

Nearly all of my large works are acrylic on canvas, or watercolor on paper, although I often revert to charcoal for portraits and realism. With every piece, whatever the medium, I maintain extreme high contrast in order to intensify the subject, so it can better dominate the foreground. Regardless of my viewer’s interpretation, nothing is more satisfying to me than immediate and unwavering reaction.