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Tattoos that can be completed in one day shall be given a "per piece" estimate. Nathan's rate is $100/ hr and there is a $75 minimum; pricing can vary based on size, color, detail, and placement. Click on "Contact" at the bottom of the page and submit a form for a quote on your next tattoo.

Tattoos requiring multiple sessions (half, 3/4, full arm or leg sleeves, back or chest pieces, etc) will be greatly discounted and will be charged "per session". Sessions are available in half days starting at $400, or full days starting at $600. Please select the contact option and fill out the form if you have a specific or inquiry you would like me to address.


All pieces are "ready to hang". Watercolor paintings and drawings are framed, glassed, and wired to hang. Small paintings are varnished, wired to hang, and sometimes framed (by request). Large paintings are gallery wrapped, finished, and wired for hanging.

While several pieces are still available for sale, most pictured work was commissioned and is already sold. All pieces are priced depending on medium, size, and subject matter. Drawings (ink, charcoal, graphite, or primsa) begin at $150, framed watercolor paintings begin at $100, small acrylic paintings (20" or smaller) begin at $250, and large acrylic paintings (24" or bigger) begin at $350.

For answers to your specifc idea, please click "Contact" and fill out a form to have your inquiry addressed by Nathan personally.