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I looked for nearly 2 years before deciding on Nathan to do my sleeve. I wasn't just wanting some ink; what I wanted had very personal meaning to me. Nathan took the time and took what I wanted just as personal as I did and created something I'm incredibly proud to display on my body. Nathan is precise and truly an artist in every sense of the word. His unique approach makes any piece personal. Along with his skill as an artist, Nathan is not awkward as some good artists have the stigma of being; he's very personable and approachable. Every session I've had with Nathan has been professional but also very relaxed and comfortable.-Cory Taylor

FYI…My daughter put a picture of my tattoo on her facebook page and the response was awesome. Jarrod has been in hospital since last Wednesday. Each time I go there one of the nurses, Dr.s or other workers asks to see my tattoo. My pastor wants to have something done of his daughter, which surprised me, but his wife had tears in her eyes when she saw it.

I think the greatest compliment to your work is the fact that 3 people who looked at it had tears in their eyes (one of them was a male) and another actually cried. I left the shop and went to Walgreen pharmacy. While walking around shopping I had the sleeve of my shirt rolled up. One of the employees, an older lady, stopped me to ask about my tattoo. By the time we finished talking she had tears rolling down her face and asked if I would mind her giving me a hug. I don't put a dollar amount on my tattoo. To me it's one of those things that cant be bought with money. Myself, my family and most of all Jarrod, have paid too high of a price already. Thank you for a fantastic job….Lassie

Hello Nathan,Thank you for your message and the additional information about your artwork, which I printed and will keep with it. It is hanging in our great room. I've attached 2 pictures of it. I have a very new iMac, and I am not yet used to the latest version of my graphics editing program. So, let me know if the colors, sharpness, etc. of the pics look off to you. I can easily send more to you. It is a wonderful painting, I am very pleased to have it. And, I am very impressed that it is possible for an engineer/statistician to have such creative artful talent! ;-)Best,Kathy

Nathan has been great to work with and he's very professional. I can't wait to get more work done with him.-Isaac Adams

It's not done yet but cover up is going great. Before I went here I showed a couple people my tattoo and they said it would be impossible to cover without part of old tattoo showing through. I think it looks great so far. I can't wait for it to be done. I like the style Nathan used. It looks more like art.-Alicia Bryant